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iPhone – Quick Guide for Beginners

When you buy a new iPhone, you may find a small tool for opening the SIM card tray (which holds the SIM card) in the manual book. If you cannot find it, a stretched out paperclip or hairpin may suffice. To open the tray, push that small tool into the little hole (about 1-2 mm across and not the headphone socket) to open the SIM card.

Common Problems With iPhone Repairs

If you have purchased a do-it-yourself iPhone repair kit, it is not uncommon to encounter a few snags during the iPhone repair process. Take a deep breath, these are typically easily avoided or corrected with the right instructions and the right tools. If you have not yet begun the iPhone repair process, it is a good idea to read through this article to be aware of the most common problems that sometimes arise so you can avoid them altogether.

Social Mobile Media to Be Next Big Thing

Before it was called blogging, people who had guest books set up as the main interface on their websites were already blogging. Before it was called cloud computing, people who chose to store everything online and have nothing of significance on their hard drives were already cloud computing. I was one of those people. So let me tell you what I’m doing now because I believe it will be the next big thing.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Has Google Beam

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has Google Beam which allows you to instantly share websites, contacts, applications and more through the NFC connectivity. The handset also has an impressive curvy design and powerful hardware that enable it to offer fast and efficient functionality.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Offers a PC Experience

The Samsung Galaxy Note offers a PC experience through a mobile handset as it has all the capabilities of a tablet device including a large display and allows you to both do work and social activity on the go. The device includes the powerful Android operating system and a dual core processor which together provide you with a fast and highly functional handset.

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