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How to Catch More Drunk Drivers By Using Their iPhone 4S and Smart Phone Data

In the future, will your cell phone, smart phone, or iPhone 4S keep you honest and obeying the law? I just bet it will, as it will be able to give GPS and other data as to your location, speed of travel, etc. This means if you speed down the highway, let’s say on the I-95 from Jacksonville to Petersburg it might show your average speed at 82.

HTC Sensation Deals Offered by O2

The XE and XL version of the HTC Sensation are definitely highly desirable Android Gingerbread-powered smartphones. Since these handsets are new, they come with the most advanced features mobile technology has to offer. However, these advancements in technology will also drive the price up. The XE will set you back 469.00 pounds.

Developing Mobile Applications

Do you want to develop your own mobile application? Developing a mobile application is a nice way to promote your business. Not only will you provide people with an application that they can readily use on their mobile phone, but you will also get to freely pitch your related products and services in the process. This is great especially if your app appeals to a particular niche. It will let your market get acquainted with your brand and what you have to offer.

iPhone 4S Deals Made Cheaper After Two Week Launch

The newest iPhone on the block has now been available to buy for just two weeks but retailers have already started to discount iPhone 4S deals from their initial prices at point of launch. When the new iPhone 4S was first released the cheapest deals that provided a free phone were costing the consumer a healthy £46 per monthly in line rental charges, since then both the UK networks and retailers have been busy brokering deals to bring this charge down. First to lower their line rental charges for a free iPhone 4S was the dedicated 3G network;…

Samsung Galaxy S2 Sales Impressive And Set To Be Boosted By 2 New Models

There have been several superb mobile phones released over the past year but none have managed to eclipse the global success that has been achieved by the Samsung Galaxy S2. This high specification model has proved a hit across the globe thanks to a blend of cutting edge technology together with a slim and stylish look.

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