2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS: an electric S-Class with over 400 miles of range

Have Cell Phones Created a Need for Good Telephone Etiquette?

Good Telephone Etiquette makes a world of difference to you and your organisation. It helps to build relationships and make an impact on the people you interact with.Telephone etiquette is not just about responding to calls but answering them the right way-with courtesy, politeness and respect to the other person.

How to Unroot an Android Device

Rooting your Android smartphone or tablet gives you administrative privileges of the operating system, enabling you to modify or delete the system files, customise your phone book, replace the firmware and do much more. However, there are also disadvantages of the process.

Does Rice Salvage Wet Cell Phones for Real or Is It a Sham?

Human beings are the weirdest creatures in the universe. It’s not a criticizing statement but a badge of honor that we anthropoids love to wear. Regardless of what collateral damage any of our invention may bring, we love to experiment with things, on things, all the time.

5 Kinds of Mobile Battery Technology

The mobile phone or handset has turned into an integral part of the modern world and for both personal and professional use. In fact, in today’s age a day without a mobile phone is just impossible and this is not only because of its significance of offering one with the capability of communicating while on the go but also because of its wide array of other features that it provides. Such advancements in the cell phone technology have necessitated ample improvements in the battery technology for powering them.

3 Top Tips To Keep Your Smartphone At Peak Performance

Smartphones come with operating systems that make it possible for users to make calls, share photos, watch videos and even surf the web and send and receive texts. However, when you have too much data stored on your mobile phone you are most likely to end up with a slow phone. Apart from the data that can affect the performance of your phone, the battery and general condition of the phone can also affect performance. But fortunately, there is always something that you can do to ensure that your mobile phone remains in top performance.

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