21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.

The Smartphone War: What Is It and How Does It Affect You?

Unless you have been on a deserted island for the past 6-7 years, it’s impossible not to have heard about all the smartphone wars that have been going on. They’re everywhere on the news, you see articles in newspapers, you hear people talking about them on the subway. Hardly a week goes by without another lawsuit in the smartphone technology world. Did you ever stop and wonder why? What’s their angle? What are they trying to achieve?

No Need to Wait for a White iPhone 4S

It may be some time since the release of the Apple iPhone 4 in white but many people will remember the long wait between the release of the original black edition iPhone 4 and the newer white edition. Now we’re ushering in the new iPhone 4S as an upgrade to the fourth generation device and although there have been a significant number of consumers upset that it was not an iPhone 5 but an improved version of the iPhone 4 still housed in the same exterior casing there is one overwhelming benefit to lovers of white mobile phones….

What’s New in the iPhone 4S?

Apple fans and enthusiasts have circled the 4th of October in their calendars in the hopes that they will see the new iPhone 5. The company has postponed the release of the much awaited iPhone 5, paving the way for the iPhone 4 successor, the iPhone 4S. It was the natural way to go if you stop to think about it, however there were many sighs of disappointment all over the world once the announcement was made. People were really hoping to see the iPhone 5 in action. What they’ve got instead was a new version of the iPhone 4, with a few improvements and tweaks that will make the user experience more pleasant.

HTC Explorer – Cheapest Android Smartphone By HTC

HTC is world known for its feature rich and well researched Android smartphones. Recently HTC launched a new smartphone with the name HTC Explorer. This new smartphone is an entry level Android smartphone which is average in specifications but very feature rich. Currently HTC explorer is only available in South Asian countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia. HTC has no plan to launch this entry level phone in US market. Probably a similar Android smartphone with few enhancements will be launched in US in near future.

The Best Protection for Your iPhone – Cases

There are a variety of iPhone 5 cases to choose from in different stores and even online. A lot of reviews have been written with regards to which ones are the best in protecting your phone. But it is more of how the owner chooses to use their phone and the kind of lifestyle that they lead that would definitely decide on which iPhone cases is the best for their unit.

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