22 NIGHTMARE Tech FAILS they want us to forget.

Mobile Phone Recycling: Earn Money Selling Mobile Phones While Saving the Environment

Deep down in your mobile phone if you do a little research you will discover they contain most toxic substances in this world, including arsenic, lead, and mercury. Don’t throw it away, recycle it!

Nokia Lumia 800 Deals Now on Four UK Networks

The first smart phone model from the latest Nokia Lumia range has now been picked up by four of the UK networks, the Nokia Lumia 800 now has contract deals offered across the main four UK operators who are all now competing hard to offer the best deals. As it currently stands, T-Mobile are leading the race to offer free Nokia Lumia deals with the lowest monthly line rental charges, they have four separate tariffs available…

HTC Wildfire S – Brings the Best HTC Experience In Your Hands!

HTC Wildfire S is the recently released handset from HTC. This budget phone which is far more affordable than the highly featured HTC Desire.

The World’s First Smartphone – IBM’s Simon

The world sure has changed a lot over the last two decades. The technological improvements transformed our lives, making it easier to communicate with each other and finding out new things with just the press of a button. Nowadays, billions of dollars revolve each year around the smartphone market, with approximately four hundred million users across the globe.

iPad – Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Networks and Connections

Did you consider the two most important things while buying an iPad? Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi +3G connection. Probably you picked an iPad and it became a part of you.

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