4K video samples from the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max

Best 5 Free Photography Apps for iPhone

Do you own an iPhone? Did you know that the camera of the Apple iPhone is designed in a way that has increased the ability to capture images with an extra ordinary quality? iPhone cameras have become the most widely used tools on the planet Earth to take pictures and share them online with a universe. Before sharing the images, people love to edit them. For editing hundreds of free and paid photography apps are available to enhance the digital photos. You can use tools in these apps to enhance the beauty of your photos with thousands of effects.

Get Those Prepositions Right

I just spent the past week bonding with my first iPad.  For me that meant countless hours looking at educational apps, app reviews and noodling around with “lite” versions.

Guidelines for Safe e-Waste and Mobile Phone Recycling

This holiday season has brought consumers a myriad of new electronic devices but what happens to the used, outdated gadgets, tablets and smartphones? The Basel Action Network provides guidelines to ensure the safe and secure recycling of used electronics.

How To Choose The Right Prepaid Cell Phone Service

Considering a switch to a prepaid wireless provider? Identifying the best provider for you involves asking yourself some basic questions.

Basic First Aid For Your Smartphone

Knowing CPR can save lives. Knowing basic first aid for smartphones can save time and money. Discover the best ways to keep your device alive until help arrives.

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