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Blackberry Mobile Phones Delivering World Class Quality Handsets Over the Years

Notwithstanding the fact that now the mobile phone market resembles any other over-crowded players, the Research in Motion (RIM) produced Blackberries stand apart and are good enough to be benchmarked by a few of its rivals. World class is a term that is synonymous with Blackberry Mobile Phones.

How to Get a BlackBerry PIN

A PIN stands for personal identification number, just like the code you use for your debit card or credit card. Each BlackBerry has a PIN code that makes it unique. The PIN-to-PIN communication system is more secure, as the message cannot be stored anywhere but in the sending and receiving devices, unlike e-mails, which are stored in at least 4 places, in both sender’s and receiver’s devices and servers. Not OK, in case you need to transmit top secret business patterns via e-mail.

How to Update Your Tasks on Your Blackberry

The addictive BlackBerry, or “CrackBerry”, as other enthusiasts name it, offers you the possibility to efficiently manage your to-do-list, keeping it up-to-date, changing dates or deleting expired events. RIM made updating the records very easy and user-friendly. You can also organize your Tasks list by deleting old projects, but if you need to keep them tracked, you can have a copy of completed to-do-lists by synchronizing your BlackBerry with your PC and just copy data.

Categorize Contacts on Your Address Book

In the realm of business, you have the chance to meet a lot of people, and for plenty of them you don’t even remember the name. And you definitely need to add contact information in your Address book – family, relatives, colleagues, important clients, restaurants, taxi companies, catering companies and many others. Hundreds and hundreds of contacts. What do you do?

Get a Free Apple iPhone 4 – Be a Part of Market Research

If you are in the market for an iPhone 4 or are looking for free iPhone 4 offers, obviously you are at the right place — the internet. There are so many great deals and amazing free giveaway offers online that you could find an offer for a free Apple iPhone 4 relatively easily! How easily?

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