5 Sneakiest Tech Pranks EVER 😈

How Safe Your Cellular Phone Really Is? Actual Radiation Information

Cellular phones companies publish maximum radiation (SAR) ratings for each phone. Did you know that under normal operating conditions, your phone’s radiation is different? Your phone transmits more power when reception is low. But when you’re not in an elevator, underground parking etc., your phone radiates in different levels, which do not correlate to SAR ratings. Lower SAR does not guarantee lower actual radiation! How to find actual measurements of cellular phone radiation under typical operating conditions, which is the most important aspect of how dangerous is your phone.

How To Trace A Phone Number

If you would like to trace a phone number of anyone today, then this short piece is for you. How to trace a phone number? The answer is very simple, you only need the service of a good public record search directory to trace a phone number you like.

Nokia 2700 and Nokia 2730 Classic Mobiles Features

Nokia mobile targets and covered the whole market segment of India. The two favorable and demanded handsets in its classic series are Nokia 2700 classic mobile and Nokia 2730 classic mobile. Both mobile phones features are almost similar to each other. The phones target the entry level segment and also get threats from the other new mobile brands like Micromax Mobile, Karbonn mobile, G five mobile etc.

Nokia C3 Can Be Picked Without Reckon

Most of the people think that discretion is necessary while dealing. If you are one of them then change your view because Nokia c3 is present in market that can be bought without any contemplation.

Get The Best Phone Deals From Across The Country With Orange Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are manufactured on daily basis and you have to get the best for yourself when you are spending your hard earned money with a trust. To keep your trust as it is there are Best Phone Deals arrived at affordable rates in which a cool handset of a leading brand like Apple, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and many more. These handsets carry the latest features with advanced features in it which provides you the option to experience the latest version of mobile phone which are not just a mobile phone.

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