A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget – Insta 360 GO 2 😈

The Revolution of Mobile Videos – Innovations in The Cell Phone

If we look back to 10 years from now and were to even think that in the near future it would be possible for us to have advanced cell phones with mobile videos, Bluetooth and Internet browsing features it would all seem a big joke, but as the saying goes where there is a will there is way. Similarly along with time technology has helped us do these feats and is the main source which has revolutionized the cell phone as more than just a communicating device. Today there is not a thing what your cell phone…

The Advent of Mobile Video Technology in Our Lives

When cell phones were first introduced they revolutionized the way people communicated and left the old methods of using landlines, telegrams and letters. Slowly and gradually new developments were made in customizing the look and features of mobile phones and thus after sometime they started appearing in more sleek and smart models which were a delight to the eye. Along with all these developments there were was the introduction of uploading videos to your cell phones as well which given rise to the usage of mobile videos by people.

Increase Your Business Potential With QR Codes

QR codes are the future. Launched way back in 1994, QR codes are rapidly changing the way business houses are set to do business. These tiny codes contain the secret to a successful business enterprise.

Does iMessage On The iPhone 4S Signify The End Of SMS Messaging?

So does the rise in popularity of the IM signal the end of the traditional SMS text message? The answer is no, well not for a while yet and this is the reason. Powerful handsets such as the iPhone 4S need to maintain a constant internet connection for systems such as iMessage and Facebook chat to work effectively.

New iPhone 4 8GB Tempting Consumers to Buy Apple

Apple may be taking most of the recent mobile industry headlines with their recently released iPhone 4S but at the same time there has been an 8GB edition of the original iPhone 4 introduced to the market that has literally slipped underneath the radar. The new addition to the iPhone 4 portfolio joins the 16GB and 32GB models with its new, smaller 8GB memory but aside from this difference it is exactly the same phone with all of the same great features and technology packed into the same iconic casing. There are two main benefits for choosing the…

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