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Mobile Application Development for the Retail Market

Mobile application development has significantly gathered pace in recent years. A steady increase in the number of developers working on this platform has been witnessed. With the focus of developers on this platform, the number of mobile applications is also accelerating drastically. The applications emerging are more creative and innovative than the ones before.

Android Mobile Phones Vs iPhone

Mobile phones are ingrained in today’s culture. Almost everyone owns one, and most own a smart phone. Until recently, the only viable smart phone choice was the iPhone by Apple. But now, the ever popular iPhone finally has some competition in the mobile market. Gone are the days where Apple held the majority share of smart phone customers.

Local Mobile Monopoly – Is It The Future of Text Marketing?

Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan have created another great marketing product that can greatly increase any business owners profits called the Local Mobile Monopoly (LMM). The original Mobile Monopoly took the Internet marketing world by storm and Local Mobile Monopoly is about to revolutionize offline marketing. It still is one of the very first and best courses anyone created to reveal how to increase profits by using mobile phone marketing strategies.

Mobile Phone Deals – Mobile Benefits In True Sense!

Mobile phone deals and mobile phones, both are incomplete without each other. Thus, telecommunication industry is now providing these (mobile deals) integral part of mobile phones at much lower price.

The Phone For The Gaming Freaks

There was a time when Sony Ericsson ruled the market of mobile with their highly desirable music phones which were a huge hit among the consumers. The users loved the sophisticated music features and high audio quality offered by the Sony Ericsson music phones. The handsets were specially created and manufactured for music oriented features, and were marketed under the Walkman series that enjoyed great success and popularity. But with the advent of the business oriented and Android based phones, gradually the Smartphones took over the mobile phone market.

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