A new year of gadgets

Do’s And Don’ts Of Smartphone Etiquette

Most people have access to a mobile device of some kind. This medium of communication needs to consider others. This article suggests some important considerations.

Why Consider Having Your Broken Gadgets Be Fixed Rather Than Be Replaced?

There are plenty of ways to damage a phone. Most can be prevented by a reliable, decent case. Having it be repaired by experts can be your best option rather than buying a new one.

5 Ways Of Freeing Up Your iPhone’s Storage Space

Whether you have iOS 9.1 or any other iPhone version you need to clear up space at one. The cool thing is that there are many ways of doing it. Some of these ways include: Getting rid of useless apps and media collections I’m sure that you have Apps that you no longer use. While you might be bragging to your friends that you have the Apps, they are useless if you aren’t using them. To free up your iPhone’s space you should delete the useless Apps. To delete the apps you should open the settings menu and tap on “General.” You should then select “Usage” and wait for the app list to load. Choose the Apps that you no longer use and press on delete.

Life Is Mobile!

The other day I got into an auto rickshaw to catch up with a friend. As I boarded that clumsy looking old wagon driven by an average uneducated not so hygienic poor (or so I thought then) fellow, I heard the familiar iPhone ring.

Scan and Edit Your Documents Using Your Smartphone!

There are times that you need scan your documents and edit them, but there are no scanners around. You can use your Smartphone to do that.

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