AirPods 3: Everything We Know

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone – An Overview

Introduced in March 2013, Samsung I9500 alias the Galaxy S4 adds another to the growing list of Android devices currently available on the market. It was one of the highly anticipated Android products in the tech market because it finally brought along 4.2 Jelly bean update which was earlier expected to ship with S3. Here’s a quick note on the features and technology packed into the device.

Generating Mobile Advertising Revenue

Look around you and you will see everyone with a smartphone in their hands. As a business person, bells should be ringing in your heads because these people are giving you away to marketing to them 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Unlike computers which people have to sit down and use, most people keep their cellphones turned on all day and night and they always have them near them. This gives you the perfect opportunity to market to these people with mobile advertising revenue. This is the present and future of marketing to people.

What Are the Advantages of Buying No Contract Cell Phones?

We live in an era where almost anyone has a phone, any kind of phone. The smartphone market has developed quickly in the last 5 years and more and more people are switching from the normal phones to the smartphones because they provide them with much more benefits than the normal phone. the no contract cell phones are a great solution for the ones that want to change their current phone for a better one. Basically, they don’t need to open a new contract in order to purchase the phone, meaning that they get to keep their number and have their current offer still available. The only thing that changes is the device, which will be much more “smarter” than your previous one. One thing that you should know about smartphones this days is that they can do almost anything that a laptop does, but on a smaller screen. People read eBooks on their smartphones, they are constantly watching videos and sharing media materials. Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, YouTube are just some apps that are very popular among the social media lovers. The idea here is simple: a smartphone is a gadget

The Top 5 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Wireless Mobile Cell Phone Service Provider

Technology is being innovated and implemented faster than we can keep up! This is a major reason why consumers are constantly looking for better deals and better technology from their wireless mobile cell phone service provider. As the technology grows up, the pricing of obsolete and older technology goes down. Therefore a constant turnover of customers and accounts is expected. When upgrading your phone or switching service providers, one should definitely do some research to find the best deals and technology.

Mobile Advertising Trends: Facts to Keep You Abreast

The advertising platform seems to be taking another huge turn with mobile marketing taking over the markets. According to the Forbes magazine, mobile marketing techniques are 18% more effective as compared to other advertisement platforms such as the web and banners. The reality of the matter in mobile advertising trends is that, it is much cheaper to use this platform, and one is assured that users will see these ads. It is due to this reason why marketers are taking a new turn to win over as many people as they can to their sides, thus increase returns on investment.

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