AirPods 3 vs. AirPods Pro

3 Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Business Mobile Phone

Upgrading your handset to a new business mobile phone can be a fun and exciting time but it can also be fraught with danger and frustration. The purpose of this article is to share with you three things you absolutely must consider when purchasing a new mobile handset. If you don’t take all of these points into account you may find yourself frustrated and annoyed when you can’t do what you need to. You may also find yourself wasting a lot of time rewriting data on your new phone when you don’t necessarily need to.

3 Tips About Choosing the Best Business Mobile Plans For Your Business

Business mobile phones and their associated plans are an important business asset yet many business owners and decision makers do not spend the appropriate amount of time ensuring that they make the decisions to best support their business. The purpose of this article is to share with the decision makers three tips to help them make an informed decision about the right handsets and the right plans for their business. Each business is unique and should be treated as such. Take some time to think about your business and when in doubt, engage the services of a professional business phone consultant who can help you make an informed choice.

Internet Access On An Airplane and Describing A VPN Connection For Your iPhone

In this guide we will look over how to use an internet connection on an airplane and what is VPN access. More and more of us are travelling for business and pleasure so the use of our iPhones is a hugely important part of both. Having an internet connection on an airplane for short or long distance travel is now a must for any business person.

Personal Hotspots and Sharing An Internet Connection On Your iPhone

You are able to use a personal hotspot on your iPhone 4 to share an internet connection with a computer or another Wi-Fi device, like an iPad, iPod or another iPhone. They can be connected to your phone via a Wi-Fi connection. Connect your iPhone 4 with a computer via Bluetooth or USB to share an internet connection through your personal hotspot.

Cell Phone Plans – Things That Phone Companies Don’t Want You To Know

With all the major cell phone companies offering a whole range of cell phone plans, including Sprint phone plans, Verizon and AT&T phone plans along with a plethora of new comers and smaller providers, the choice is endless. The decision is made even harder by the statistics thrown around in modern advertising, where every company claims to be the best by belittling their competitors and throwing out statistics and “maps” as in the recent AT&T and Verizon TV campaigns, which seem to give completely contracting information.

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