AirPods 3rd Generation water test

Discovering iPhones

The world of communication has taken another leap with the birth of the iPhones. This touch screen innovation has continued to improve overtime and has implemented various features for the convenience of the people. Applications such as games, references, GPS navigation system, social networking and many more are made available in their App store. Basically, the iPhones have taken over what laptops can basically do and are conveniently used in a cellular phone device.

Download Software Applications to Your iPhone

Once you open your newly bought iPhone, you will find built-in basic applications for your convenience. The compass and voice control applications are some of these basic applications you will find useful and convenient. The built-in applications are great on its own, but you can customize it more according to your preferences. This way, your iPhone will be more unique and is custom-made for your own needs. The good news is that there are thousands of available applications out there you can enjoy in the Apple’s App Store.

Fantastic Mobile Phone Deals Online: Check Before Signing That Contract

Because of the internet and the many e-commerce websites, many customers are now getting more value for their money, especially on mobile phone deals. It is a fact that getting the mobile service from these websites not only get the customer to save a lot of money, but they also get to have many free services which are usually not offered in other phone plans. But watch out, you need to read that contract thoroughly before you sign them.

Nokia NFC Technology Might Meet Its Match In The Upcoming iPhone 5

The rumors that the new iPhone will be unveiled middle of this year has created another wave of rumors and discussions all across the Internet and continues to drag tech fanatics like yours truly into the bandwagon of gadget chatter and ESP predictions. But this time, tech gurus will surely need extra ESP to find out what Apple has in store or maybe hire a double agent to spy on Apple labs to at least get decent leak of information for the upcoming iPhone successor.

Tips for Adding Personal Music to Your iPhone

Most iPhone users are aware of the process involved in loading the phone with songs from the iTunes store. However, did you know that you could also add your own personal music files to your Apple smartphone? Read this article to discover how it is done.

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