Amazon’s Astro: The rise of the helper bots

Could Public Wariness Over Privacy Spill Over to Digital Sign-Cell Phone Links?

A new study finding many people are worried about businesses checking their identity online might shed light on how the public perceives digital signs that interact with their cell phones. The study from the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California finds that 48 percent of Internet users 16 years old and older are worried about businesses checking their identity on the Internet.

Storing Your iPhone

If you have a broken iPhone then fortunately there are many ways that you can get it repaired and many services that offer to fix any broken iPhone relatively cheaply and easily. However it is of course still preferable to avoid the situation in the first place and to not go through the hassle of being without your iPhone while it is restored. Thus there are many ways to go about avoiding damage to your iPhone and to make sure that no harm comes to it, and the majority of these people will already know.

Purchases That Can Save Your iPhone

Sometimes buying something can be an investment. This is the case with many safety precautions for iPhone whereby you can invest in a few cheap items to prevent yourself needing to replace your iPhone or get iPhone repair.

Apps That Break Your iPhone

No app is marketed as being designed to break your phone, and never is this the primary function. However that does not stop many apps from often causing your phone to physically smash resulting in a cracked iPhone screen as a secondary bi-product that we could all do without.

Backing Up Your iPhone

An iPhone will typically contain on it a whole host of sensitive data and personal information. Some of this information will be your personal details or information you use for work or education, while meanwhile other information on it will be things with sentimental value such as photographs, applications (with save states), diary entries etc.

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