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Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Roaming Costs When Traveling Overseas

I am often asked by clients and friends who travel abroad, just how can they avoid getting ‘stung’ by the roaming rate rip-off that mobile carriers and networks around the world seem so desperate to force on us all. Even in the EU, where roaming rates are capped and controlled by the EU Commission, clients can still pay 5 times their home calling rate to make a local call. And that only takes care of EU calling, long haul rates and calls beyond the Eurozone are not covered by this legislation!

Online Mobile Recharge Plans and Its Benefits

Today, who does not want to stay tuned with their loved ones via mobile phones? Moreover, mobile phones have become an essential part whose necessity cannot be ignored at all. After all, staying in touch anytime, anyplace and anywhere are some of its masterly performed functions.

Understanding Mobile Phones

Ideally Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) creates a communications infrastructure that switches all calls centrally, both fixed and mobile, and delivers core telephony services to a business’s mobile users. The solution adds value for users and, with low support costs, delivers a sustainable positive impact on their business. Typically, this means moving minutes from the mobile network to the fixed network enabling a business to control, monitor and selectively decrease its mobile spend. Ideally, it also includes the provision of additional functionality to mobile handsets so that this functionality is available while out of the office and while roaming. Convergence marries together the best aspects of fixed and mobile services and simultaneously alleviates the negative associations of disparate telephony services. Convergence means access to new unified communications applications and traditional fixed-line services on the mobile handset, making internal and external communications more efficient and allowing employees to be more productive and responsive to customers.

Carrying the Torch Back to the Store

In a quick view of its immediate design, one can discern that the Blackberry Torch 9810 Mobile Phone doesn’t stray far from its predecessor, the 9800. It measure 4.4 inches tall by 2.4 inches wide by 0.6 inch thick and weighs 5.7 ounces. It also has a 3.2 inches half-VGA capacitive touch screen.

The World of 3G Technology

Technology never ever ceases to move ahead and that is no different in the case of mobile phones. 3G stands for the third generation cellular phone communication technology. The concept of 3G mobile phones, once considered to be a far fetched idea, has become a reality today with more and more users across the world taking to it like never before. Though the technology can be run only on handsets that specifically support 3G, its popularity is growing worldwide at a rapid rate. In fact, with each passing day, mobile phone companies are coming up with new and improved models of 3G enabled handsets.

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