Amazon’s new Halo View fitness band seems a lot less creepy than last year.

How To Choose An Unlimited Cell Phone Plan

With an unlimited cell phone plan, you can enjoy unlimited calling and messaging at low monthly charges. However, you should choose a plan that suits your requirements perfectly. It’s also important that you get it from a reliable service operator.

Top Apps for iPhone

The top apps for iPhone are utilities that you, as an iPhone user, can’t live without. Here are four of the most useful apps available for the iPhone that will open up all of its potential.

Taking Care of Business With the Sony Ericsson Mini Pro

It has been a while since the partnership between Japan’s Sony and Sweden’s Ericsson has a released a compact business mobile phone. In June of 2010, the consortium released the XPERIA X10 Mini Pro. This handset offered a compact profile complete with a QWERTY keyboard. In August of this year, SE released a refresh to the phone mentioned above. You can now get the Gingerbread-powered Sony Ericsson Mini Pro.

Greenheart on the Sony Ericsson Mini – Making the Handset Eco-Friendly

These days, the consumer is more aware of how the products they buy affect the environment. They stay clear from products that are made from hazardous materials. They look for products that can be recycled when they can no longer be used.

Nokia 701

The Nokia 701 represents a generation shift for Symbian. Symbian Bell is a bold step forward for Nokia and the 701 will be the first phone to introduce the new Symbian to the world.

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