Android 13 Beta 2: Top features + what’s new in May 2022 build!

Google’s Cell Phone Tracker Service

Do you know that you can use your cell phone as a free GPS tracking and location device? In 2009 Google launched a new, free cell phone locator service called ‘Latitude’, that allows you to share your actual location with your friends and vice versa.

Sony Ericsson Offer A Subsidized Offer

Sony Ericsson has presented many of its technological handsets in market. The brand has a number of ground-breaking mobile handsets that are incorporated with novel and superior technologies. Some of the latest Mobile handsets that company has presented are W595, W850, W980, XPERIA, C905, W902, etc.

Sony Ericsson Best Deal: Excellent Deal for Everybody

Sony Ericsson has launched many of its groundbreaking mobile handsets in the market; few among them are C905, W595, W980, XPERIA, W902 and W850. These handsets are highly equipped with advanced features that not only serve the basic requirement of calling and receiving calls but also serve many advanced features such as camera, navigator, media player and many more. And the best thing about these handsets is that an individual can purchase it and maintain it at an affordable price.

Software for Getting Free iPhone Ringtones

Free iPhone ringtones are easily gettable with the help of certain free software applications. So, you do not need to purchase ringtones for your iPhone anymore.

Conference Call Hosting From Mobile Phone Or Landline

Most of the time when people are thinking of doing a conference call hosting, they will probably do it through their mobile phone. Reason behind doing a conference hosting may be due to a certain emergency that has arisen from a project. What most people do not know about conference call hosting is that they are easier to be done from a landline than from a mobile phone.

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