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7 Wireless Trends For 2014

Wireless isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to make our lives harder… I mean easier. Here’s to some reminiscing about the ‘old’ wireless… and here are seven wireless trends going into 2014.

Dual SIM Mobile Phones: Help or Hassle?

A mobile phone has become a necessity and people now-a-days need more than one SIM to stay organized. Mobile phone manufacturers made a breakthrough when they came out with handsets having dual SIM connectivity.

Mobile Cell Phone Plans: Saving Big With No Contract Prepaid Wireless Plans

These days, people have more choice than ever when it comes to their mobile cell phone plans. Companies which own the infrastructure have opened their lines to other providers, a variety of phone manufacturers are constantly innovating and developing new products, and no contract prepaid wireless plans have forced pricing structures to adapt and evolve.

How to View Text Message Timestamps on the iPhone

In iOS 7, the Messages app has been updated with a new look and some additional features. One of the enhancements is the ability to quickly view timestamps for each individual SMS text message and iMessage that is sent or received.

Why Are Some iPhone Messages Green and Others Are Blue?

In iOS 7, the Messages app will display text messages with either a green background or a blue background. If you have used iOS 6, you may have noticed messages had either a green or blue Send button. These colors are not random, and are actually telling you whether the message will be sent as a regular SMS text message or an iMessage.

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