Apple Fitness Plus 2021 REVEALED! (NEW pilates and meditation features)

Get Free Phone With Assurance Wireless

Need a free cellphone? Wish you had a cell phone with free minutes and free text? Are you unable to afford a cellphone? Are you earning minimum wage? If you can provide proof of low income you can apply for a phone at assurance wireless and get one for free.

Sprint Seeking Japanese Partner Considered

Can Sprint re-capture market share and get firing on all cylinders again in order to stay up with the competition, continue to upgrade their networks, and redevelop their marketing plan? What about RIM, look what happened to them? How can Sprint compete against the big boys like AT&T, Verizon, etc.? Yes, all good questions, and there has sure been some fall-out in the market place with handset makers, mergers, and poor timing on partnering while Apple drove away with the show leaving a debris of nails on the highway behind them in the form of intellectual property and patent lawsuits.

Security Best Practices for Mobile Management

When developing mobile management policies, many companies spend more time considering the security of devices than their networks or users. There are many tools designed for network security for mobile devices but most companies have not yet invested in them. A change in focus is required, shifting attention from the devices alone to these devices, the network or networks on which they operate, and users. The process must begin with consideration of why the company is making the move to mobile access.

Shopping for a Mobile Device Management System

Are you struggling with the management of your mobile devices? Have you ever considered hiring a consultant to help you? For more information, click here…

How To Select the Best Corporate Cell Phone Plans

Does your company have the best possible cell phone plan for your business needs? Are your bills higher than they should be and are you missing services vital to your business success? Read more…

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