Apple Hermès “Luxury” AirTag Unboxing…

What to Do With Your Old and New Smartphone

(1) Get yourself acquainted with the new iPhone. Actually, make that master everything there is to know about the iPhone. The iPhone is one expensive gadget, and just having it without really knowing how to use it properly may be considered a waste of money.

Samsung Galaxy S3: The Next Big Thing Is Finally Here

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the new flagship model to arrive from the house of the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer. Despite coming with a poor design, it is stated as the next big thing in the smartphone market.

The Great Phone Debate

Well, maybe it’s not a great debate, but it certainly is a great conversation. So here goes, when you see you have a voice mail message from someone do you… (a) Listen to the message, or (b) Just call them back…

Cell Phone Etiquette 101

Nowadays, our cell phones have become an indispensable part of our modern lives. People of different age brackets and professions have found the immense capabilities of the cell phone and they can’t seem to get enough of the wonderful gizmo.

NovaThor: Is It a Worthy Competitor to Tegra, Exynos and Snapdragon?

So another SoC (System on Chip) is slowly but surely making its way into the market and is aiming to become the top dog that mobile manufacturers would turn to. It is none other than the ‘NovaThor’ SoC. So, is it a force that established SoCs like ‘Tegra’, ‘Exynos’ and ‘Snapdragon’ have to reckon with?

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