Apple iPhone 13 Event Preview: Apple Watch Series 7 & AirPods 3!

First Look at Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy Gear

The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note – the Note 3, and together with the cool Samsung Galaxy Gear, was launched just a few days ago here in Malaysia. I was invited together with many others who were excited to see what’s Samsung’s latest offering. It was a grand launch and packed with many different media held at Sunway Convention Centre.

10 Great iPad Apps That Make the Device a Must Have

Apple has over 370,000 apps in its iPad Apps Store. Most of the applications are offered free while others come from third parties. It is almost impossible for one to use all of them. Apart from the popular Facebook, YouTube Twitter, and other social network apps, the following are some of the most talked about great iPad apps that make the device a must have:

Things to Consider When Buying a Bluetooth Headset

Most smartphones support Bluetooth, and a number of people believe that using a headset can help them when they are travelling, such as in a vehicle, to avoid having to reach for their phone to receive a call. So what sorts of things should you consider when buying a Bluetooth headset?

Why You Should Always Check Out an iPad Apps Review

The iPad Apps Store is the largest in the world. Every single day thousands upon thousands of games and applications are being added to the store. As you can probably guess, with an app store this size there is very little in the way of originality. Some original games do sneak through the cracks of course, but more often than not a lot of iPad apps that you find can be remarkably similar. This is why you are going to need to find reviews to find out what the best apps are.

Super HD Streaming And Airplay Are Now Supported By NetFlix For iOS 7

This latest version from NetFlix includes some special features like playback and also few other stability improvements. Though this seems to be a “change of plans” on the part of NetFlix, nevertheless, it’s good news for the entire Apple iOS 7 lovers out there. They can now watch all their favorite TV episodes and movies available on NetFlix in Super HD.

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