Apple M1 iPad Pro Review! It’s all about that Display!

Samsung Galaxy S4: First Impressions of the New Galaxy Handset

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest handset from the house of the South Korean mobile phone maker. It is the fourth generation handset in the Galaxy S series.

Prevent Your Kids From Purchasing Apps on Your iPhone or iPad

If you have kids, they will inevitably want to use your iPhone (or iPad as the case may be). There are plenty of games and other apps on the App Store grabbing their attention. Make sure you secure your device to avoid any surprise charges to your account.

Blackberry Comes Back With A Bang

Blackberry devices are certainly well known for their great use towards business customers. With constant crashes on the previous blackberry models, I wasn’t sure if putting a profit into the new blackberry Z10 would be worth it. The new Blackberry 10 OS software definitely gave the device a new look that was desperately needed.

Choosing a Mobile Phone Contract

Double bill Syndrome. The double bill syndrome is usually caused when the correct information isn’t passed on at the start of phone contracts. This is how it works. All mobile phone networks bill your line rental in advance of the next month.

Chatter Away On Your Brand New Chinese Phone

When Chinese manufacturers decided to enter the smartphone business it was a “smart” move in itself. Consumer technology is a hunger that keeps growing and growing and the mobile computing business is probably the fastest growing type of consumer technology there is! However, this technology is just starting to spread its wings and take off. And taking part in this exhilarating flight are the proficient Chinese manufacturers.

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