Apple M1 Pro MacBook Pro 14 vs 16 – Is it Worth Your Money?

HTC Sensation Review – Could Be A Trendsetter

The HTC Sensation has finally been announced to much fanfare and public interest across the world. HTC had been keeping quiet about its plans to launch a true next-gen smartphone but the HTC Sensation definitely fits into this category, which would make it the most appealing mobile around when it launches later in the year. What makes the HTC Sensation so special cannot be tied down to a single aspect, but is rather a combination of all its assets.

Smartphone Security: Today and Tomorrow

With the smartphone industry growing larger every day, there is growing concern for security of the data on said mobile devices. The power of these devices is always increasing, as is the amount of software that can be installed on them. With the advent of these different types of software, including financial software and personal identification software, the need for more security is a must. Most of these types of devices come with some type of security built-in, but is this really effective? How is this security integrated into different mobile phone platforms?

Upgrading Your Phone: When It’s Time to Make the Move

The cell phone market is full of choices, but you really like your old phone. How do you know when it’s time to buy a new one and where can you go to get good information on whether switching to a smartphone or buying a new smartphone is a good idea?

Why You Should Avoid Fake Mobile Phones

When you splash out on a new mobile phone you need to ensure that you are buying the real thing as copies and fakes simply will not last! Phones and other mobile devices should only ever be bought if they have been made by genuine companies such as Vodafone, Sony or Nokia.

The 10 Best Android Apps

If you love your Android phone, a number of quality applications now made available for it will make you love it even more. (And if you don’t love your phone, maybe with these apps, you will finally grow to appreciate it!) So which Android applications should you get? Here is the list of the best Android apps you should not be missing out on.

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