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Increase Profits With a New Corporate Cell Phone Deployment

Like most companies you probably feel like not being tied to a contract gives you freedom in your decision making. That may be true, but you might be costing yourself money by not refreshing your cell phones immediately.

Cell Phone Plans for Poor Credit: Tips for Approval When You Have a Low Credit Score

Mobile phones are now a necessity that everyone would love to own. Even if you have a bad credit, there are some ways for you to have a mobile phone. But before you begin shopping for cell phone plans for poor credit…

Prepaid Cell Phones for Bad Credit – An Alternative That Works

Prepaid cell phones for bad credit are the perfect substitute for bad credit contract phones. Pre-paid cell phones have taken over the market and the usual packaged deal, where part of buying your cell phone is a two-year contract with the service provider, is now a thing of the past.

iPad VS Samsung Galaxy – The War of Extension Between Apple and Android

At the beginning of September, Apple and Google are battling each other for who is activating more devices each day. Google is doing 200,000 a day. Apple is doing 230,000 a day.

Is the HTC Desire HD Worth Buying?

The HTC Desire HD was released recently and is already catching the hearts of mobile phone users. Let us find out what features do this new handset has to offer? Due to its slim, sleek and stylish exterior, this is one cell phone you will love to flaunt.

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