ASUS ZenBook Duo (2021) UX482 Unboxing

Blackberry Curve Range Expands With New Blackberry Curve 9380

The new Blackberry Curve 9380 has now been launched alongside the Blackberry Torch 9860 as the only two touch screen phones from the manufacturer. We take a look at the features of this new smart phone and examine just how the Blackberry 9380 fits into the market.

HTC Wildfire S – A Small Pocket-Friendly Phone

H.T.C.’s Wildfire S is already available on the market and was released in May 2011; since then it’s been selling very well. Although this phone cannot compete with 4G dual core handsets, it is giving a tough time to handsets that have similar specifications. The H.T.C. Wildfire S has a good combination of hardware and software; both the hardware and software support each other quite well making it a fast processing device despite its 600 MHz processor.

Get Cash for a Smartphone to Help in Tough Times

The global economic recession is still affecting people a lot, even though the experts claim it is technically over. Numbers may have turned around in some areas of the economy, but most Americans still feel as though money is tight and as though there isn’t a lot of financial stability. Consequently, people are still looking extra for ways to save money and earn money, and one of the best ways to do that is by getting rid of old things you no longer need. For example, people upgrade their cellphones so frequently, that they can sell their old models and receive cash for a smartphone.

Parental Mobile Tracking Ensures Cell Phone Safety

Parental Mobile Tracking ensures cell phone safety for busy teens on the go. Parents decide to use this program for a number of different reasons. Parental Mobile Tracking, for instance, gives parents the ability to limit teen cell phone use to certain hours of the day or for certain lengths of time.

How Many Cell Phones Are There in the US and the World?

The spread of mobile phones has aided millions of Americans and billions of people around the world in a modern age of convenience. On average, one person in the US buys a mobile phone once in every 18 months, every 15 months in Europe and every 13 months in Asia.

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