Best Electric Bike for 2022: From Lightweight to Long Haul

Cell Phone Warranties – Do They Work?

Cell phone warranties can be a little tricky and mis-understood if you don’t take the time to understand how they work and whether exercising your warranty option is the best course of action in some scenarios. I often get asked this question in my line of work, “should I use my warranty, or should I have you fix it? And many times that question depends on a number of things.

Power Packed HTC Desire Phones

Mobile phones play very important role in our everyday life o be connected with our family, friends and colleagues. Now a days these devices are not just an item of luxury. Today mobiles have become an essential part of our everyday life and it is next to impossible to imagine our lives without these gadgets. Since their invention, these tiny but extremely useful devices have come a long way. Earlier mobiles were bigger and heavy in appearance, and very expensive. But now a days stylish, sleek and much more affordable handsets are available in the market.

Need of Business Mobile Phones in the World of Today

Today, except for toddlers and babies, everyone else has a mobile phone. The constant usage of the mobile phone makes you wonder how the world existed when mobile phones were not invented. The use of mobile phones has made person to person communication faster and efficient.

Who Owns the Business Smartphone? Mobile Device Liability

Employees want to use the tools that make them most productive. These are more often their personal smartphones, iPads and other individual-liable devices. Companies want mobile employees to use company-controlled, company-liable devices, protecting data and system access. There is a move towards IT needing to manage individual-liable devices, changing the ownership of the smartphone and other mobile devices.

My First Text Message

Since basic texting was introduced over ten years ago, technology has improved and texting has several options now.  Now you can send sounds, pictures, and videos to anyone with a cell-phone or e-mail. Still, there are a few things about texting that most people don’t realize.

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