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How to Locate an iPhone Repair Store

iPhone is considered as one of the most sought-after inventions of the century. It has revolutionized the mobile industry.

A Great Selection Of Sky TV Applications Available On the iPhone 4

Sky also offer applications which are designed solely for use on your iPhone 4. Sky Sports News is an invaluable application which brings a wealth of sporting news direct to your handset. The feature is easy to use with a homescreen that offers headlines from a variety of sporting fields. If you prefer you can restrict this page to just showing new stories from one particular sport such as football or boxing. The application is also useful for checking on forthcoming fixtures or results of recent games.

Tips to Connect Google Calendar to Your Cell Phone

Do you know you can connect Google Calendar to your android phone? Since you don’t always sit around your PC, and when you could want to access your calendar you can’t do it off your PC. Picture that you’ve parked your automobile in morning, but you’ll have to take it by 5pm to pave way for cleaning in the streets or you are served with a ticket. Of course, it’s likely that you’d forget to add an item such as “Move my automobile by 5pm” to your calendar, which means you have to wait until you are at your PC to add the reminder.

Reverse Cell Phone LookUp: Track Down Mobile Phone Calls For Free

Is there a free cell phone lookup provider? Read on to find out more.

The Blackberry Bold 9900 – RIM’s Powerful QWERTY Handset

RIM’s past handsets such as the 9780 was a dependable handheld mobile device. However, it could never join the ranks of phones running the Apple iOS or the Android OS. Why is this? Blackberries were known for sporting their trademark QWERTY keyboards.

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