BlackBerry Blade 5G (2021) New QWERTY keyboard slider phone!

The Right Business Smartphone Lets You Have a Holiday

Rather than ruining your holiday, a smartphone may actually save your holiday. You’ll know what is going on back home but be able to easily switch it off when need be. Do yourself a favour and find the best smartphone for your situation today.

Mobile Phone Comparison – A Checklist of What to Look Out For

For many people, choosing the best mobile phone for them when they are upgrading is an exciting time. There are so many choices on offer and there are so many places you can go to seek out information. It’s like a techno geek’s wet dream! For others, mobile phone comparison before making a choice on a new smartphone can be a nightmare. They struggle with the choice and questions what will happen if they find that they do not like the chosen handset in 6 months time. This article is for them. It is a checklist for mobile phone comparison.

The Role of Software in Mobile Management

Today with the rapid growth in the mobile and smartphone technology industry, it is becoming more and more challenging to get mobile management under control. Especially if you are a mid to large sized business, with a growing number of mobile phone and mobile device users. If you are the person or part of the team responsible for your company’s mobile management, then you already know that there are many challenges and burdens associated with monthly billing and managing your mobile fleet. How much time do you, or someone else in your company spend doing mobile and cost management tasks?

Secrets To Androids From T-Mobile

T-Mobile is an excellent option if you are looking for an Android phone. With competitive plans, high speed connectivity, and their great selection of Android devices (currently supporting thirteen Android phones), you cannot go wrong with T-Mobile.

Do You Really Need the Latest Mobile Phone Handset?

If all you need your mobile phone for is to make and receive calls, and perhaps, send and receive text messages, then you do not really need the latest model all the time. A sim-only contract operated with a refurbished low end robust and simple-to-operate handset can cut your mobile communication costs quite considerably. This is something a lot of people need to consider in these cash strapped times.

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