BlackBerry Edge 5G (2021) | An affordable flagship phone?

BlackBerry Theme Not Showing Up on BlackBerry

You’ve just downloaded a cool theme from App World or from a 3rd party website, you go to set it as your default theme and it’s not there. This is a very frustrating and annoying issue that has a few causes. Learn what causes this and how you can potentially resolve this issue.

Types Of Mobile Phone Plans

There are a variety of mobile phone plans and studying them will help you to make the best choice for your own situation. Mobile phone plans are the packages and bundles of call time, texts and internet usage amongst many others, that phone and communications companies put together in order to entice customers to sign up to their service.

iPhone 4S Now Has 12 Month Contract Deals From Tesco Mobile

Many consumers see iPhone 4S deals as expensive especially when the total price is worked out over the minimum term of the contract period which is usually either 24 or 18 months but Tesco have set out to change this. Tesco Mobile have now launched 12 month deals for the iPhone 4S 16GB in black which will be music to the ears of those closely watching their expenditure, with a 12 month contract you will always pay a little more upfront but when calculated over the contract term these deals work out to be a lot less expensive than…

Will The iPhone Glass Ever Be Shatterproof?

This article is a look into the strength of the iPhone glass. Although it’s been promoted as the unbreakable glass, people are still experiencing cracks and shatters.

Nokia C2-02: Touch And Type Mobile With High End Features

Nokia C2-02 is a touch and type phone that will make communication a breeze for you. Its many apps will help you browse the web and also negotiate your way on the road.

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