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Customize Your Android Home Screen With Widgets and Themes

The Android home screen is like your desk: It’s where you use and organize your applications in a way that’s most effective for you. Because you go to the home screen after pressing the convenient Home button, you should dedicate it to shortcuts for your most frequently used applications. Out of the box, Google puts several of the most commonly used applications (Maps, Gallery, YouTube, Market, Phone, Gmail, Browser, and Voice) on the home screen, along with two widgets: the sleek Google search box across the top and the new News & Weather widget at the bottom.

Phone Number That Needs an Address

The news has been full of tragic, terrifying stories of children committing suicide or other forms of self-harm caused, in part, by bullying. Bullying is not a new phenomenon, but the ubiquity of communication technology has made it so there is no way to escape from it. In the past, children would have to deal with bullying during the school day, or perhaps at social events. But after these ended, the kids could go home or hang out with their friends and not have to deal with it. Today, there is no place to go because almost all kids have cell phones or some type of Internet presence. One way for you to help kids who may be victims or perpetrators of bullying is with a phone lookup service. If you have a phone number that needs an address you can use a service like this to get it and put a stop to the bullying.

Cell Phone Number Trace – 2 EASY Ways To Do A Trace

Want to do a cell phone number trace? Here are 2 easy ways to do a trace.

How to Trace a Cell Phone Number in 5 Super Easy Steps

Tracing a cell phone number can be complicated. In most cases, these numbers are not listed in phone books. If you are receiving calls from an unknown caller, here are five steps to try.

Recharge Your Cell Phone Now Online

A prepaid recharge coupon has surfaced as a boon for all who own a cell phone with a prepaid connection. Saving one from the hassles of withdrawing cash and then searching for a retailer to buy a coupon, the online availability have made getting balance recharged an anytime and virtually anywhere affair for all. After choosing the card amount and the coupon and filling in the mobile number and payment details one can easily get the bonus card or the mobile recharge card for prepaid connection delivered right till their doorstep ASAP.

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