BlackBerry PRIV 2 5G (2021) Edition – Return of the Legend!

Google to Cut Gmail From Blackberry

Google Inc, the developer of Android software, has decided to cut the Gmail application for Blackberry phones that are made by their rival, Research in Motion Ltd. Research in Motion has been finding a way to cease their operations and business from declining due to the decrease in demand of their smart phones in the market.

Things That You Could Possibly Do With A Smart Phone

Smart phones were designed by a Canadian company called research in motion (RIM). They are a type of mobile phones which are capable of sending emails, playing music, surfing data, online gaming, and doing the job of personal digital assistants. The highlighting feature of these phones is the emailing option.

How Mobile Phone Operators Can Combat The Effects Of Border Roaming

Border roaming can be expensive for mobile phone operators. It causes their customer to get upset and costs them money in unnecessary roaming partner charges. This article looks at the different aspects of border roaming and what operators can do to minimise the effects.

Which Is Cheaper: Contract Or Prepaid Cell Phone Plans?

Most people these days have a cell phone, but the once popular two year contract is becoming too financially burdensome for some people. With the decline in the economy more people need to find ways to cut costs and some are opting to cut their cell phone bill. Some are looking for cheap phones without plans, or contracts, and others are simply looking for cheaper contract plans. So which one is cheaper?

Droid 3 Packs a Powerful Punch

Verizon Wireless is known for its wide selection of top quality smartphones. One of the best is the Droid 3 by Motorola. It is a 3G capable device that is powered by Google’s Android. It is a slider type phone that provides the user with a full QWERTY keyboard in addition to having a touchscreen. The Droid 3 is the perfect smartphone for busy individuals who want to keep their lives organized while they are on the go.

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