BlackBerry Privileged 5G (2022) 120x zoom, Android-based BlackBerry smartphone!

Google Nexus S Mobile Handset Rating

For the very last few of days we’ve been using the Google Nexus S, made by Samsung, with the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. This is truly a telephone that was developed with immediate input from the Google Android group.

Cheap Mobile Phones – It’s Easy to Own a High Spec Mobile

The cost of owning high specification mobile phones has fallen in recent years and continues to do so. This is a fact driven by yearly advancements in technology which allow mobile manufacturers to dish out new better spec models, which slightly de-values their predecessors.

How to Move to a Cheap Phone Line Provider and Save Money on Your Phone Line Rental

How do you pick a line rental provider and make sure you’re getting the best deal? What options are there for moving away from BT, and why should you think about a budget phone line provider over a big name brand?

The Ultimate Motorola Defy Mobile Phone Assessment

Gorgeous mobiles like the sultry HTC Desire HD and glamorous iPhone 4 could dazzle consumers with their sleek lines and glossy exteriors, but the rough-and-tumble nature of daily lifestyle promptly dulls that perfect sheen, forcing users to spend additional money on cumbersome instances and display protectors. That isn’t the situation with Motorola’s Defy, which proudly positions itself like a telephone to final a lifetime. Since the name suggests, the Defy is all about resisting the trials and tribulations of general mobile use.

Damaged Smartphones: Fix the Old Or Buy the New?

With any purchase that requires a few hundred dollars or more, such as that of a smartphone, one always hopes that it won’t fall in the bathtub or get crushed under the wheel of a car. In the case that a smartphone is broken, there is always the argument of, “Do I get it fixed – Or should I just buy a brand new one?” Although there are many opinions to this argument, as well as numerous pros and cons for each, the choice is ultimately up to the consumer.

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