Calyx OS – The next big Android Competitor!?

How to Start a Mobile Marketing Business In 5 Simple Steps

Mobile marketing is still in the infancy stages. There are about 3 million mobile websites compared to about 266 million standard websites. Most countries including America have not realized 100% penetration. In addition, statistics show that the industry is growing every year. It might be worthwhile if you consider starting a mobile marketing business. Here are the steps you may want to take…

10 Success Traits Of Mobile Marketers Who Succeed

As a mobile marketer you may have seen two people start a business concurrently. After some time, one is wildly successful the other a complete failure. Though these people were endowed with the same resources and the two had the desire to succeed, you may have been puzzled by the huge variance. Well, success in any business requires certain basics. Here are the top ten characteristics of business people who make it big.

Cheap Mobile Contracts – No Jailbreak This Time

Cheap mobile contracts inspire potential customers to go for a mobile plan. Normally, at the time of contract some restrictions are implemented by the cell phone company in order to retain the customer for longer period. Companies are successful in their approach in many cases and in some cases such contracts become annoying for customers and they opt for some other carrier.

How To Tell If You Are Ready To Own Your Own Mobile Marketing Business

Many people feel trapped especially those who work in dead-end jobs. Others are jobless and are desperate to get anything that can keep them going. These people dream of a day they will declare their independence. They constantly imagine how life would be like the day they will own their own businesses that pay the bills. Though they may not understand what is holding them from making the leap of faith, the desire to go it alone persists. Here is how to tell if you are ready.

ReachMD: A Mobile Health Application That Reaches Far And Wide

Informative applications always come in the same form, documented articles, input textboxes, calculators and more. It all aims to aid the time-constrained practitioner by providing quick references, latest information, speedy calculations, and frequent access to the most used data. To add up to these, a radio application has also been developed to educate and upgrade the learning status of the busy worker.

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