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HTC Rhyme Deals Launched SIM Free

A new fashion focused phone from HTC has just been released. The new HTC Rhyme now has SIM free deals in the UK in two different colour schemes; purple and hourglass gold. These first deals for the HTC Rhyme offer an unlocked handset with no network branding or logos to spoil its looks and there are no extra ongoing charges involved with owning a SIM free phone, the consumer simply pops in an existing or new SIM card to use it. This brand new addition to HTC’s phone portfolio offers some exciting new features and a range of…

A Look At iOS5 On The iPhone 4S And Its Main Rivals

The iOS used by iPhones has always offered the most user friendly interface but has often found itself trailing behind its competitors in terms of features. The new iOS5 software changes this by offering the same interface that we know and love but spices it up by adding a wealth of new features.

HTC Sensation XE Is Upgraded to Larger Sensation XL

The new HTC Sensation XL is a direct upgrade to the recently released HTC Sensation XE and is almost an identical model to the Windows powered HTC Titan phone but running the Android operating system. The original HTC Sensation was a massive success for the manufacturer and the new XE edition further improved in many areas including a larger, faster dual core processor and the inclusion of Beats Audio software for a far higher quality listening experience of music and sound.

What Are Mobile Themes and How They Can Change the Appearance of Your Cell Phone

Are you sick and tired of the boring look your mobile phone has? If yes then why not beautify your handset by adding some cool themes through which you can beautify your background images and enhance the display of your cell phone. At this suggestion many people come up with the question what exactly are phone themes and what purpose do they serve.

Did Apple Do Enough With iPhone 4S to Stay Ahead of the Competition?

Apple’s new iPhone 4S was met with something the company is not used to: lukewarm reception. With the public anticipating a major redesign, Apple veered the other direction and improved the software. Is it enough to stay on top and continue as the No. 1 smartphone in the world?

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