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NFC Technology On The Google Nexus S Explained

The new Nexus S mobile handset from Google is one of those rare models that you can define as truly groundbreaking, thanks to its incorporation of NFC technology, the first mobile handset to do so. This phone is however more than a one trick pony, and a bevy of other features and facilities make it about the most complete Smartphone currently available. So exactly what is NFC, and how will it benefit the everyday phone user?

The New Tablet PC From Motorola

The mobile phone industry has witnessed a lot of evolution and changes since its inception. The mobile handsets have come a long way and today the market is flooded with a variety of devices catering to the needs of every segment of consumers.

The 3D Capable LG Optimus Pad

Apple might have never thought about the tough competition it will be facing from Samsung, BlackBerry and LG at the time of launching its tablet PC in the form of iPads. Samsung Galaxy tab is already released in the market and has been receive with great enthusiasm by the consumers all over the world. Now two other tablet computers, LG Optimus Pad and BlackBerry Playbook from LG and BlackBerry respectively, are awaiting their release.

Cellular Lifeline – Obtainable For Everybody

There have been many instances where cellular lifeline made the difference between recovery and death. In one case, an Encino woman was locked in her trunk after having been kidnapped on her way home from church. She managed to untie herself, get to her cell phone, and call for help.

iPhone Problems: How a Headset Jack Could Save Your Beloved Device

Whether we like it or not, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets became one of the much needed perks in our life, statistically speaking almost all of the people in the world owned one or two mobile phones. iPhones and other high end electronics also are increasingly becoming popular each day and many gadget fanatics are going crazy about them. Pretty as they seem, these gadgets did not come cheap, the units are costly and its accessories and enhancements are often expensive too.

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