Cubot Note 30 & Cubot Pocket 3 – Two Super Cheap Smartphones are Coming!

We Already Crossed the Digital Divide – Where Were You?

So, what ever happened to the promises of open government “eGovernment” and its online venues to help all of us eCitizens? It seems the eRepublic didn’t actually come about as predicted did it? Will it?

Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans For Everyone

In would seem in this day in age that anyone from the age of twelve to one hundred-twelve needs a cellular phone. As this need rises, so does the cost of having such a necessity.

Enjoy Your Cell Phone More – Load It Up With Free Ringtones

Nowadays, you can personalize gadgets like your cell phone by loading it with all of your favorite ringtones. This state-of-the-art gadget has become more of a representation of oneself and not just a tool that facilitates daily activities. Depending on your needs, the cell phone that you buy should meet your daily requirements. Some of us use it to check on their emails in order to be updated of their very important business deals. Surely, this very small gadget has…

Accessorize Your Cell Phone More – Download Free Ringtones

First, if your cell phone is state of the art that has a memory card or micro SD and also comes with a USB, then, you can download ringtones directly from your computer to your cell phone. Depending on the brand of your cell phone, the manufacturing company suggests sites by which you can download ringtones on your cell phone safely. Read More…

Tips on How to Trace Someone’s Address From a Telephone Number Right From Home With Ease

Today, with the help of reverse phone lookup directories, telephone numbers can be used to trace an address with ease. In the past, the only option available to finding phone information is the public listings and the private investigators. The public listings however are only good for land line numbers and offer nothing on cell phone numbers.

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