Dell XPS 13 Plus Review: Redesign Stands Out, But Its Battery Life Is a Disappointment

Features Embedded in the HTC HD7

The HTC HD7 was recently launched in the UK market. It is a phone with all essential features; however, none of the specifications of this mobile phone is complex in nature. Like all gadgets, this one also comes with a few negatives, but they cannot label it as a useless creation.

How to Pick Cell Phone Specials

What to do when faced with too many cell phone specials to choose from? There are lot of things to consider, when choosing a cell phone and a package to go with it.

Will Windows Phone 7 Have a Chance in This Competitive Smartphone Market?

Due to launch in the European and Asian markets this October and in the US this November, the Windows Phone 7 or WP7 is an entirely new mobile OS from Windows that has no heritage from the older unlamented Windows Mobile 6 series. It’s hardware platform requirements are so stringent, no current Windows cellphone can be upgraded to it. In terms of functionality and user interface, the new Windows mobile OS promises to push the envelope further, something Windows could not do with the old Windows Mobile platform when it became clear it could not match what the emerging Android…

A Worldwide SIM Card – Save Money and Keep In Touch

The Internet, and rapid improvements in communications technologies, means that you can now run your business from wherever you are, online and over the Internet. You could be halfway across the world and the business still runs. The problem is that communication of convenience also comes with a cost. This cost can be mitigated with a worldwide SIM card. Do yourself a favour and buy one before you next travel. Here are three great reasons why you should get a worldwide SIM card.

iPhone Insurance – Don’t Let Yourself Fall Victim Without It

From Apple to home appliances, people are looking to insure their valuables. When it comes to iPhone insurance, it can be difficult to truly get the best for your buck. This article explains why it is crucial to shop around before committing to poor coverage.

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