Disney made its own Alexa: ‘Hey, Disney!’ explained

How to Be a Gadget Minimalist

A gadget minimalist is someone who knows how to deal with new and old gadgets for the welfare of the environment. He or she is someone who knows how to conserve energy and someone who practices recycling.

Best Back to School Android Apps

Kids are getting antsy and working hard to squeeze the laziness out of these last few precious days of summer. But no matter how valiantly they fight to ignore the signs of approaching days spent in desks under fluorescent lights, they are inevitable. Stores are starting to line their shelves with crayons, pencils and notebooks and parents are starting to plan lunches and carpool schedules.

The Samsung Galaxy Y – Specs That Cater to the Youth

You may be a young individual looking for an affordable Android-powered smartphone. You may be a parent looking for a dependable Android handset for your teen. If this is the case, Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Y. What makes us think that this handheld mobile device caters more to the young? Simple, the “Y” stands for “Youth”.

Unlocked BlackBerry 9800 Torch

Are you still hanging on to your old cellular phone? Feeling left behind when you are in the company of friends that are sporting their latest splashy smartphone? Well now is the best time to shop around for the best deal on smartphones. One smartphone that has great all round features is the unlocked BlackBerry 9800/9810 torch.

Why Using A Prepaid Cell Phone Service Is A Better Idea

Using a prepaid cell service is always a better option in comparison to using a post paid one. Read on to know about various advantages of a prepaid cell phone services which give it a clear edge on the post paid cell phone services.

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