DJI Avata is DJI’s first cinewhoop style FPV drone #shorts

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Today, mobile phones are an essential component in our day to day lives. These provide multi tasking facilities and have become an integral part of our lifestyle. Today the market is flooded with a number of latest handsets that not only fulfil our communication needs but also serve as music players, cameras and mini computers.

Set Yourself Free With PAYG Phones

Mobile phones, the new age and most effective means of communication, are not just handy equipment for making calls and staying connected. Today, these are most advanced devices fulfilling multi faceted tasks ranging from providing facilities for entertainment, capturing photographs, making calls, staying connected and computing.

T-Mobile G2, Rebadged From the HTC Desire Z, Is the Phone You Want to Get

What does a cellphone carrier do after carrying the world’s first Android smartphone in the market with HTC Dream rebadged as the T-Mobile G1?   It carries more of it.  After all, since its release in September 2008, the Android OS has steadily and significantly won major markets to become the current leader in smartphone OS outside of the Symbian.

MyTouch Slide Smart Phone Offers Great Value for a Fair Price

T-Mobile loves rebadging OEM products from HTC which also sells then often in direct competition with the rebadge smartphone. Think Google Nexus One and the slightly improved HTC Desire (morphed from the HTC Passion that was rebadged to Nexus One). The carrier’s myTouch brand started with the myTouch 3G Fender Edition which was the HTC Magic in Europe and Asia.

Reverse Phone Number Check – Take The Scary Out of Unknown Callers

Have you ever found a slip of paper that you had written a phone number on, but now can’t remember who the number belonged to? Most of us have a need to do a reverse phone number check at times. Luckily, the internet has made it easy to get the information we need quickly.

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