DOOGEE N40 Pro / Introducing & GIVEAWAY

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Release

BlackBerry PlayBook software 2.0 is set to change the way the PlayBook functions and will fix many issues that have plagued the tablet from Research In Motion since it’s original release. Learn more about the PlayBook software 2.0 and information about its release to the public.

Can The Nokia Lumia 800 Be As Popular As The N8?

Can the new Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 800 prove to be as popular as the Nokia N8? We certainly think so.

Sony Xperia S O2 Deals Released

The brand new Sony Xperia S smart phone has now been released on O2 deals, this is the first ever handset from the Xperia range to be branded simply with the Sony logo after the company decided to drop the Ericsson name from its future product launches. Consumers can order Sony Xperia S deals on O2 with line rental charges as low as…

Feel the Weather in Your Hand With the HTC Sensation XE

Feel the weather in your hand with the HTC Sensation XE which provides an immersive experience providing the sun or rain to show you the weather as part of its intuitive interface and impressive features which bring everything to life, and make it easier and faster to do what you want. The unibody touch bar designed handset features a large 4.3 inch display through which Android and HTC Sense are brought to you for fast and easy touch controls and input via dedicated onscreen keypads, for rapid communication with friends and simple access to powerful applications.

Good Stuff Made Possible by That Genius Mobile App Developer You Don’t Even Know

Long ago every hand that rises in a concert or a live show of a famous band sports a “rock on” gesture or a “peace sign”. Nowadays, there are still those gestures, but mostly you will see mobile phones recording or taking pictures, such is the way of this generation.

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