Earbuds That Make You HEAR BETTER…?

Breakthroughs in Wireless Cell Tower Technology

The competition between cell phone companies has always been about who has the best coverage, or who can get your mobile Facebook page on your phone to load the fastest. Well, with recent developments in wireless cell tower technology this competition could get even more heated as companies gravitate to 4g and 5g networks in the next few years. One of these developments occurred at Rice University in Houston, Texas, where researchers believe they have discovered a cost-effective way to double the throughput of cell phone towers.

Google Nexus 7 Review and Some Tips

If you are considering buying a tablet and would like to learn some info on the Nexus 7 from a real user / tech guy then read below. I don’t side with Apple or Android or Amazon.

Mobile Device Management Presents Challenges for IT Managers

Is your IT team struggling to keep up with the latest “mobile” technology. Why risk exposure to hackers or other unauthorized users when an industry expert can take over the task ensuring your company is going in the right direction.

Reasons to Sign Up for Corporate Cell Phone Plans

It is vital to your company to have employees in direct contact with managers or dispatchers? By offering them a company cell phone, many of your communication problems can be addressed. For more information, click here…

BlackBerry Application Development: Augmenting Your Business Smartphone

BlackBerry application development is the right way to make your business smartphone more proficient for intricate use. By inducing different apps, one can enjoy par excellence in its handy device.

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