Everything Apple Needs to Fix on the iPhone 14

Downgrade iPhone 3G-3GS IOS 4.1 to 4.0

For various reasons, we may want to go back after the 4.1 firmware to switch back to 4.0. Beware the baseband will stay updated so they are not unlocked yet.

Mobile Broadband – Now Freedom Is at Your Fingertips

Mobile broadband is nothing less than the whole world in your hand. It is a vehicle, which drags the whole world to dwell upon our tiny mobile phones, palm tops and traveling laptops. The wire less broadband offered by cellular carrier’s triggers high speed data transmission which is a service beyond voice calling.

World SIM Cards Can Improve Your Business

Imagine for a moment if you will the following scenario – you are accessing your email from a public internet cafe overseas and you see an email from a potential client who desperately needs to speak to you on the phone. The deal is worth $200 but you know that you are going to spend 30 minutes on the phone. Do you pay $8 a minute for international calls from your hotel room, do you try and make an international call from a public telephone when you don’t properly understand the currency or do you use your home mobile phone and spend upwards of $10 per minute on calls with exorbitant roaming charges?

New Mobile Phones: For an Advanced and Hi-Tech Life

New mobile phones are loaded with advanced features and hi-tech technology. These widgets are available online and people get free gifts and offers with them.

Interesting Deals on the Most Adorable Handsets

Mobile phone customers were lined up some time back for Apple iPhones when it was released. The story of Apple iPhone 4 may be a different thing altogether but there are mobile phones which are available in the market and mobile phone consumers are willing to buy but they pull back because of their prices which is unaffordable for an average mobile phone customer. Considering the same the leading mobile phone manufacturers like Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and other leading brands of mobile phones are offering some affordable deals on their handsets to allow…

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