Facebook’s inner workings exposed: Whistleblower testifies in Congress

Why the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Can Save Research In Motion

2011 has been a tough year for BlackBerry makers Research In Motion. Just recently ComScore revealed that the firm’s BlackBerry OS has slipped from its number two spot in the US market, losing a 4.3 percent share in just three months.

Let Mobile Application Help You Reach Wider Customer Base

Reaching a wider customer base has now become easier through mobile app development. This is because more and more people are using smart phones these days. Mobile apps having functional value to users are highly in demand.

How to Successfully Sell Cell Phones

Are you interested in selling cell phones? If you’re a cell phone freak like I am, it can definitely be an easy way to make some extra money. We’ll go over some great techniques to use to be effective selling cell phones.

Have You Googled A Phone Number Lately? Find Out Why You Should Cut It Out

A majority of mobile phone carriers hold on to their phone records. These companies are not permitted to share this information among third parties, that is, if you are a licensed P.I. or law enforcement. For this reason, some people will spend hundreds of dollars on private investigators for the direct source of personal information. Nowadays, you can lookup any phone number online and find every detail about anyone in seconds. I’m not talking about Google. I’m talking about a little something called reverse phone lookup.

Just What Makes The White iPhone 4 And Its Retina Display So Great?

If we break this resolution down into a pixels per square inch rating, the result is a massive 326, and it is this density that enable word to look more akin to the printed page rather than a mobile display. To put this into perspective, the screen on the 3GS, which until this release was regarded as one of the best, offered a rating of 163 ppi. Part of the reason why so many of these tiny pixels can be fitted into such a small space is thanks to Apples developers who have managed to produce a pixel that measures just 78 micrometers wide.

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