Galaxy Tab S8 lineup: Hands-on with Samsung’s new iPad Pro rivals

Good and Bad News and Also Rumors Concerning Android

The gadget industry seems to be busy enough lately, especially with the starting of a new year that makes every gadget manufacturers ready to produce new products and compete against each other. Well, a bit news from Android world. It seems that Android operating system managed to outnumber Apple’s seen from consumers’ ads respond, according to December report from Millennial Media. Android got 46% favors, while Apple got 32%. On the third place, there was BlackBerry RIM with 16%, followed by Nokia Symbia with 2% and Microsoft Windows Mobile with 1%. Millennial Media predicted that 2011, Android, RIM, and even Symbian will be tough competitors for Apple. So Apple should be careful and watch their back.

Software for Spying Cell Phones

Software for spying cell phones is usually used for checking if your partner is having an affair and if your child is in the right company. Another use of such software is for security reasons in big corporations where company must assure that employee is not selling any corporate secrets to the competition.

Prepaid SIM Cards: Best Option For The Tourists

Prepaid SIM cards are the best option for the globetrotters who prefer traveling to different parts of the world for the purpose of vacations. One of the most important things that an international tourist requires in his bag along with other items is a communication device or mobile phone. If you are traveling to United Kingdom as a tourist for a short span you can purchase a prepaid SIM card UK otherwise for an extended stay you can buy a postpaid SIM and utilize it in your very own mobile phone for making calls to your country.

iPhone Screen Replacement

Once you buy an iPhone it becomes your entire world, you start relying on it so much that you can’t think without it! You have your music and videos on it, make calls and search the web on it, chat, mail, message and do a hundred other things, it is just so addictive you can’t help it. When something so important is rendered useless for a reason like a crack in the screen; all your work is held up and it can be absolutely frustrating, not to mention the big hole it’s going to drive into your pocket getting…

BlackBerry Phone Spy Software – Discover How Cell Phone Spy Application Works on BlackBerry

BlackBerry phone spy software is definitely common these days. With the software package anybody can spy on a BlackBerry cell phone device. Read on to learn the working mechanism explained.

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