Galaxy Watch 5: If only it had a battery

Obama’s War on Cell Phone Usage While Driving

Obama has declared war on driving while using cell phones! Driver distraction based accidents are becoming an epidemic. In the last year, over half a million people were injured and 6,000 were killed due to driver distraction.

Samsung Galaxy S Deals – Galaxy Has the X Factor and Discounts

At the present moment the most selling Samsung phone is Samsung galaxy s at the same time it is the most selling and popular phone among all the phones of all the brands. This handset is very smart and has perfect score in the looks along with these perfect scores the phone will get the perfect score in all others features also, in a short time of just in less than 6 months the mobile phone has to raise to that platform that the phone got this popularity. Most prominent of all the features is the 4 inches screen that…

HTC Mobile Phone Models in Singapore

HTC has emerged as clear leaders in the mobile phone industry in recent times. Their innovative designs and technology has led to growing popularity of HTC smartphones with outstanding multimedia features that make your mobile experience unique.

Samsung S5620 Monte – Affordable Advanced Phone

The Samsung S5620 Monte is one such phone that caters both to your business and personal demands. This handset is complete with 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi.

Best iPhone Deal in Singapore – How to Find

Singapore is a shopper’s heaven and is famous for its shopping malls dedicated mainly to IT and electronics gadgets. People of Singapore are extremely technology savvy and like to keep up with new advancements in the electronics sector.

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