Galaxy Z Fold 3: Everything you need to know

How Great Is The New iPhone 5C? A Quick Review

The iPhone 5C is Apple’s latest form of innovation among their mobile phone product line, a new model that has been produced to tap markets looking for more affordability. While affordable is subjective in itself, many still see this model as a premium device at a premium cost. In reality, it is simply slightly cheaper than their other models on offer, such as their iPhone 5S, with less features.

The Fall of (Cell Phone) Giants

If you ask a number of people what their preferred cell phone is, you would notice a diversity of answers. However, if you had asked the same question a few years back, most of the answers would have overlapped. The main reason for this transformation is that the number of options before the customer are now more than ever.

Cell Phones: Journey Through the Decades

Not too long ago cell phones were mentioned only in the pages of science fiction books. Their possibilities and implications were hot topics of nerd groups who supposedly had nothing better to do. Then slowly the idea of mobile phones became a reality.

Why Businesses Need Mobile Websites

Studies show that the sell of smartphones and tablets has outpaced that of desktop and laptop computers by a considerable margin. Because smartphones are ubiquitous, with small screens, businesses should create websites just for them.

Increase the Life Span of Your Smartphone’s Battery With These Five Easy Steps

Nothing is more frustrating than hitting the road, only to realize the battery life on your phone is well below 25%, while 75% of your day still remains. Here are a few quick fixes that can help extend the life of your device when charging is not an available option.

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