Galaxy Z Fold 3 review: Samsung’s foldable phone is a great tablet

LG G3 Smartphone Software Review

Software is an often overlooked aspect of a modern smartphone. Long after the headline features have been forgotten, good software can make the difference between a pleasurable user experience or a frustrating user experience. We take a look at the software on the LG G3 smartphone on Three.

Smart-Phone Or Intelligence?

In today’s world, even an infant is speedy enough to use a smart-phone and gadgets are the new hangouts for children. Gone are the days when children used to play physical activities and train themselves physically.

Smart-Phone Addiction in Teens and Kids

These days we are coming across smart phones in every other direction that we look at. Whether it be houses, malls, streets, parties, ceremonies, Theaters and even schools. Talking about Smart-phones and schools, it is quite important to note that the relationship between children and smart-phones has been growing deeper these days.

Five Ways You Can Save On Mobile Costs Today

There are a growing number of people who pay way too much for their mobile phones. It is often said that about 50% percent of mobile phone users account for those who fail to exhaust their full minutes and text allowances in a given period which results to an average overspending of up to 150 million each year.

Protecting Data on Smartphones

Learn why and how to protect the data on your smartphone. Smartphones carry much personal information on them and this needs to be protected.

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