Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro get official

iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy S3

In the fight between the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy S3, the decision hinges on one thing: Apple brand recognition and security. While Apple has set the precedent for Smartphones since their inception, when viewed objectively the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes out on top. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a superior screen quality and size, a front facing camera, and LTE/4G capability, but the iPhone 4S provides a safe choice for those loyal to the Apple brand or someone looking for the simplest choice.

Which Is The Best Text Messaging App? A Brief Comparison

With tons of text messaging apps available nowadays, it can become confusing which one would be best for you. We provide a brief comparison of top 3 messaging apps so that you would be in a better position to decide.

How To Choose A Reliable iPhone Repair Center

As with any sophisticated electronic gadget, iPhones too are vulnerable to getting damaged or having some issue or the other from time to time. You should get it repaired as early as possible in case your iPhone is experiencing problems.

4 Simple Tips To Extend Your iPad Battery Life Further

The battery life of Apple iPad is nearly 10 hours which is quite amazing. However, for people who spend hours and hours on their iPads, it is still not sufficient. Luckily, you can extend the battery life further with some simple tips and steps. Check out this article to know more.

List of Highly Popular iPad Apps For Social Networking

Apple iPad makes it easy to stay connected with people and to share information with them even when you are outdoors or traveling. There are hundreds of iPad apps which can make it easy, convenient and more fun to interact with others on social sites. Let us review some of the popular ones here.

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