Google Pixel 6 event in 12 minutes

International Cell-Phones – Your Choices

Your options are overpowering when it comes to Europe phones.The on the go traveler who spends his sunrise in Europe and late afternoon in Africa, possibly carries his own advanced handset. A college student studying in Paris might have a limited French handset that only works in the local country.The holiday tourist, who would choose a cell phone just in case of an accident, may lease a smartphone and drop it into a Fedex depot on his return trip.

Sizzling Summer Apps For Your Smartphone

It’s almost summertime, and for most people that means sunny afternoons by the pool, vacations and lighting up the grill. Okay, so not most of us. The majority of people will be zoning out at work while dreaming of doing those things or scrambling around trying to take time-off that ends up being more stressful than helpful. But hey, at least your ol’ trusty smartphone can help make the most of it!

Motorola Xoom Review – How It Stacks Up!

The Motorola Xoom is one of the many new dual core Android tablets on the market which runs version 3.0 of Google’s operating system and boasts a plethora of premium features to differentiate it from its smartphone siblings. The obvious comparisons with the Apple iPad 2 are bound to cloud many Motorola Xoom review scores, but this is a tablet which deserves to be considered in its own right.

How to Create a Mobile Website in Five Steps

When the internet first came around in the 1990s, people were overwhelmed by the technology and people with the so called technical know-how, began to earn hundreds of dollars from advertising. People built websites, and those who didn’t have one, were envious as to how one could be built. Since mobiles began to become hot property, more and more people have begun to build their own mobile websites, so that people can look at their business on the move.

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 – A Guide For World Travelers and Users Outside The US

People want a factory unlocked iPhone 4 for various reasons. A large proportion of interested parties live in countries where the iPhone 4 is not yet available. Another large group consists of those who travel abroad extensively, and want to be able to switch to carriers based within the countries they visit. This article will help prospective users to choose a phone correctly configured for their needs and inform them how to get the phone activated.

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